IBE will be undergoing its first trial in the classroom beginning Spring 2019 at Greeley West High School. Under the direction of Dr. Jeri Kraver, practicing educator Beth Dent, and Tim Hernández, there are three areas of assessment that this IBE implementation will formatively assess. 

AA-01: Standards-based skills and understandings

IBE's implementation is a curriculum design informed by Colorado Academic Standards. The impacts of IBE curriculum implementation will be measured via a quantitive formative assessment given at the beginning and end of a week-long instruction period. The quantitative results found in the IBE curriculum will then be compared to the results found in a normal high school curriculum. The comparative high school curriculum will be of the same time period, use the same content-based standards, and will be measured with identical formative assessments as used in the IBE curriculum. This quantitative assessment will measure whether IBE may be a more effective approach to content standards-based instruction. 

These formative assessments given at the beginning and end of the instruction period will then be reviewed by a blinded third party. This party will review the data collected in a blinded system of random numeration. Each student will be given a random number, of which does not reveal the identities of the students or the type of curriculum they received. The blinded party will assess how the students were impacted in the three areas of assessment by reviewing the data in the following ways: 

  • How did curriculum impact student growth in standards-based learning?
    • ​Was standards-based learning more effective in IBE or traditional curriculum?
    • Can students demonstrate their content learning more effectively and confidently in either curriculum?
    •  How did students demonstrate their content learning according to the curriculum they were taught?
Standards-Based Learning
Social-Emotional Learning
  • How did curriculum impact student growth in social-emotional learning?​

    • How does curriculum design impact student security and validation in the classroom?

    • Are students more empathetic towards their peers?

    • How can we design curriculum to create a safe and welcoming classroom environment?​​

  • Do students understand themselves more in a curriculum that considers their social and emotional needs?

Social Justice / Global Learning
  • How does curriculum impact global understandings including social justice?

    • ​Are students more willing to engage in a curriculum that empowers their diverse identities?

    • Are students more comfortable navigating realms like advocacy in a curriculum that openly discusses such?

  • What do students take away from conversations about social justice in the classroom?