Learner-Centered Teaching (LCT) is the crux of Identity Based Education (IBE), as LCT puts students at the center of the educational environment. More so, this educational theory seeks to validate the complexities of student experience, which, once the center, generates an environment and pedagogical approach that is conducive to identity exploration and dissemination.

One method to empower diverse world learning in the classroom is to validate the existence of students, as found in Learner-Centered Teaching. The most well-versed scholar on this pedagogical approach is Weimer (2002). Her theory incorporates notions such as the reexamining of the role of the educator, the reassignment of the responsibility of learning, and the redevelopment of content. Weimer discusses the reexamination of the educator’s role as she explains “the teacher’s primary task is facilitating or supporting the learning efforts of students” (p. 60).

In this same text, she argues that the responsibility of learning and the content administered are closely tied. Weimer writes that enriching the content administered to students is a system that “fosters deep and lasting learning” (p. 122). Because of lasting content, learners will, per Weimer, “mature and act more responsibly about their own learning and toward the learning of others” (p. 147). Using LCT in IBE generates an environment that validates and trusts students with their own relevant experiences and learning, thus opening a space for identity exploration and dissemination. Because of this space offered in LCT and IBE, learners are more confident, self-aware, and validated.

"Learner-centered teaching is responsible instruction. Best of all, it is about teaching in ways that promote more and better learning."

This educational approach perfectly aligns with IBE, as IBE is based upon the student experience in the classroom. Inherently, the power structure in the classroom cannot be monopolized by the educator. So, if students are the crux of the curriculum, using student experience becomes a regular practice wherein students can delve into deeper realms of exploration of themselves, social justice, etc. 

The primary text that informs Learner-Centered Teaching in IBE is:

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Learner-Centered Teaching
by: Maryellen Weimer

The thoughtfulness, personalization, and consideration Maryellen Weimer demonstrates in discussing her ability to identify issues that are shared and solvable is enlightening.

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