With an education-centered premise, Identity Based Education (IBE) needs a pragmatic outcome. Below you will find curriculum templates, step-by-step guides for IBE backwards planning, and an exemplar curriculum designed specifically for IBE. And, it is all standards-based!  

Specifically, IBE's curriculum breaks into a five step system. Click on each component to see how an IBE curriculum flows!

IBE curriculum is designed for and by educators. Thus, below, you will find complete versions that will assist in IBE curriculum planning. Each curriculum planning resource is done in steps: I DO (a step-by-step guide on how to plan an IBE curriculum), WE DO (an exemplar IBE curriculum), and YOU DO (a blank IBE curriculum template). 




Below, you will see an IBE curriculum that has Steps in each component to assist in planning an IBE curriculum. Educators may consult this first to understand what kinds of questions need to be asked within an IBE curriculum.

Next, you will see an exemplar curriculum outline that was designed for IBE. Designed for diversity, this curriculum outline is beneficial to consult to see a model of an IBE curriculum.

Finally, below is a blank curriculum template that educators may use to fill in their own IBE curriculum