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Beauty is a Verb
by: Bartlett, Black, Northen

This text is a collection of ground-breaking poems and essays about the experience of being disabled. Beauty is a Verb is a beautiful, honest, and revealing text. 

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You're Welcome, Universe
by: Whitney Gardner

You're Welcome, Universe follows Julia, a young Deaf artist who seeks to find her place for expression. So, when she is expelled from her School of the Deaf and is sent to suburbia, things begin to thicken for her identity-exploration.

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Riding the Bus With My Sister
by: Rachel Simon

Riding the Bus With My Sister follows Rachel Simon and her sister through their time spent on and off the bus together. This time with her sister, Beth, and Beth's experience with intellectual disability, changes Rachel's worldview. 

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Little and Lion
by: Brandy Colbert

When Suzette moves from New England to Los Angeles, she thought her biggest problem would be fitting in, so you will not believe her reaction when she catches feelings for the same girl her bipolar brother loves. 

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When Reason Breaks
by: Cindy L. Rodriguez

Elizabeth and Emily are both struggling adolescent girls. However, emotional and mental health becomes a true obstacle for both of these young women who must consult the words of Emily Dickinson to find solace. 

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by: R.J. Palacio

Wonder follows August Pullman, a fifth grade boy with a facial difference who, until this point, has been prevented from attending public school because of his difference. But, when he starts fifth grade, all of that changes, and he only hopes to be treated like an ordinary kid. 

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The Beginning of Everything
by: Robyn Schneider

Ezra, former captain of varsity tennis, must learn to adapt to a life without full ability when he crashes his car and chatters his leg. In combination with trying to traverse high school romance, Ezra has his plate full. 

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On the Edge of Gone
by: Corinne Duyvis

When a comet is scheduled to hit Earth, Denise, her sister Iris, and their drug-addicted mother seek shelter and stumble upon a ship set on colonizing other planets. But, will Denise's Autism inhibit the case her family makes to board?

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A Mango Shaped Space
by: Wendy Mass

Mia's synesthesia is a well-kept secret, and in comparison to her family, she seems liek the most normal one. But, when trouble at the school forces her to reveal her disability, she embarks on a journey of self-discovery.  

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Flying to the Light
by: Elyse Salpeter

When their parents are kidnapped, Michael and Danny set off to find themselves in danger. Then, Danny reveals that being Deaf is not the only unique experience about him: he knows what happens to people after they die. 

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The Five Stages of Andrew Brawley
by: Shaun David Hutchinson

Drew should have died that night, but he didn't. Now, his life of hiding in closets and hanging out with nurses because he can't cope is questioned when he meets Rusty, a burn patient who needs Drew's help. 

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